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Rose Care Information

Roses are a beautiful addition to your garden and generally they are easy care, but they do need a little attention from time to time and a bit of help to get established in the first two seasons. Once established roses can grow for a long time with minimal care.

Please note that Australia is a big country with a large amount of micro climates. Our advice is general and does not cover all situations.

Take note of gardens around you that are succesfully growing roses and speak to the gardeners for home remedies and local knowledge. This can be invaluable to home gardeners but try any advice on one plant before using on your entire garden.

Also speak to the local Rose Societies. No advice is gospel and what works for one gardener may not work for another.


General Rose Care and Advice

Tips on how to grow not only a rose bush, but a beautiful specimen.


Rose Health Problems

Solutions and help for some of the diseases and pests you may find in your rose garden.



Seasonal newsletter with great tips for your rose garden.