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Our Warranty

Bare Rooted Roses
We at Treloar Roses make every effort to supply plants of suitable quality and of the variety specified at time of sale. Our roses are packed with care and should arrive in good condition. If you have any doubts about the condition or quality please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your delivery.

Losses - Treloar Roses’ guarantee extends until the bare root plant has broken dormancy and produced foliage. Plants are a living product, its performance will depend on the growing conditions and how it is cared for, which are factors beyond our control. We cannot therefore automatically accept responsibility for losses. If your plant has received our recommended care and doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, please speak to one of our friendly staff as soon as possible before removing it from your garden. We do not guarantee roses planted away from the residence of the purchaser.

All claims must be made before the 30th of October in the year of purchase. We will require photo verifications and in some cases may request return of plants with a soil sample. If necessary replacements will be provided in the current season or the following winter.

Incorrect variety - If you believe an incorrect variety has been delivered to you, please contact us during the summer of the year of purchase and we will replace it the following winter season. Photographic proof will be required.

Potted Roses
Treloar Roses guarantee that the roses you receive in pots will arrive in good condition and be of the variety purchased.  If you are in any way concerned about the plants please contact us within 24 hours of delivery.  A photograph will be requested via email.
If your plant has been damaged in transit, please photograph plant and packaging.
Incorrect variety claims must be notified within 2 months of delivery.