Hybrid Tea Rose


(KORhocsel) - An extraordinary and exciting striped colouring of red and yellow, whereby each bloom magically displays its own individual colour combination. This novelty variety draws attention wherever it is displayed. Small to medium sized bloom.  1.2m tall.

Features & Growth Habit
Low Input VarietyLow Input Varieties produce high yields in greenhouses with no or low heating. Some varieties are also suited outdoor production.
Production250-350 per square metre
Stem LengthApprox 40cm
Vase LifeApprox 16 days
Rose TypeHybrid Tea Rose
Colour DescriptionStriped Red and Yellow
Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR)Protected Variety

Bare Rooted Rose - PRE-ORDER

Please note this product is a bare rooted rose for delivery in Winter 2018 only.

  • Breeder: Kordes
  • Product Code: BABRACADA
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