Modern Shrub Rose


(Korherkul) - A gorgeous new shrub rose covered in nostalgic blooms of a pale lavender colour that ignites the senses of those who pass with its delightful, strong aroma. It grows around 1.2m tall x 60cm wide with healthy foliage covering the arching canes.


Wonderful airy and fresh is the citric scent, which will nuzzle the nose while taking a deep breath. Aspects of watery-green apple dominate the middle note, which will develop into a note of green, peeled pear. The green and fruity aspects are in total harmony with the long-lasting freshness of the flower.
Maximum fragrance: at noon, in the evenings






Features & Growth Habit
Rose TypeModern Shrub Rose
Colour DescriptionPale Lavender
Bloom Colourlavender

Bare Rooted Rose - PRE-ORDER

Please note this product is a bare rooted rose for delivery in Winter 2018 only.

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