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Peach Profusion (Potted)
Floribunda Rose

Peach Profusion (Potted)

(KORpeapro) Just as the name says, a profusion of pointed creamy apricot buds open to semi-double blooms of peach/apricot with a cream reverse. A most rewarding rose that will lift your garden's visual impact from the first bloom. The intensity of the flower colour changes with the season. Grows up to 1m tall. Awarded Bronze Medal, Best Floribunda and Most Pest & Disease resistant rose at the 2012 National Rose Trial Garden awards!












Features & Growth Habit
Rose Type Floribunda Rose
Colour Description Peach to cream
Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) Protected Variety
ColourID 6
Bloom Colour peach

Potted Rose

Please note potted roses are delivered in Summer ONLY - November to March.

  • Breeder: Kordes
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