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Fairytale Magic (Potted Rose)

Floribunda Rose

Fairytale Magic (Potted Rose)

(Kormarzau) - A new addition to the Fairytale collection by Kordes.

This Award winning magical rose has not only received multiple gold medals but also the esteemed Golden Rose of Baden Baden in 2016.  Fully petaled, light pink blooms with an apricot center and an enchanting fragrance sit on an extremely healthy upright bush to 90cm tall.  The blooms are generally large for the size of the plant giving a fuller effect.  Great for borders and pots.  A very easy care rose that is highly recommended. One of our favorites.

Features & Growth Habit
Rose Type Floribunda Rose
Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) Protected Variety


Please note this product is a potted rose for delivery in Spring and Summer 2019 only. What is a potted rose? Click here.

  • Breeder: Kordes
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