Planting Guide: Bare Root Roses


DO make sure ground is well watered before planting.

allow roots to dry out at any stage of planting.

DO NOT add fertiliser until roses begin to be established, ie spring.

DO NOT use weedicides in ground preparation or near roses at any stage.


When your plants arrive:

1. Upon arrival, unwrap plastic and place roots in plain water for at least 24 hours  and leave there until planting your rose. DO NOT LET ROOTS DRY OUT!!

2. Plant out your roses as soon as possible after soaking. (See below for instructions).

3. If the plants arrive in advance of your planting requirements, they should be 'heeled in'. (see below for instrustions)



  • All roses require an open, sunny and well drained position.
  • At least 6hrs of direct sun light over the day is required, preferably more.
  • Avoid planting too close to established shrubs and trees as they will compete for water with your roses
  • DO NOT replant into old soil where roses have been removed. Renew with fresh soil.


Roses are adaptable to most soils except sandy soils
They require a good draining soil with a ph of 6.5.

For more information regarding the prepartion of soil, click here.


Planting Instructions:

1.  Dig a hole about 30cm wide by 25cm deep with a small mound at the bottom to place the roots in a downward position.

2. Water plant before covering roots with soil, firming down lightly creating a moat. The graft or bud union should be 25mm above the soil level.

3. WATER again thoroughly.

4. Standard Roses should always be securely tied to a sturdy stake (as per diagram).

5. Mulch your roses. This reduce the water requirment as the mulch will retain a lower soil temperature keeping the moisture in, while reduce the weed growth in your garden. A good mulch for roses is sugar cane mulch or pea straw. Click here for more details on mulching.

6. Prune the branches to approximately 25cm in length from the graft, just above a good growth-eye (excluding climbers).


'Heeling in' your roses:

1. Select an open space in the garden and dig a large hole. Place bundled roses into hole and cover the roots with soil.

2. Keep well watered until you are able to plant. Ensure your plants will still be planted out into thier spot during the winter dormant season. Planting out after winter may cause plant failure.


Rose care for newly planted bare root roses:

WATER WATER WATER!! Watering correctly is the most important factor for healthy roses.

Roses have a reputation of being drought tolerant, and this is true once they are established. However, when planting new roses, it is important they are kept moist through regular watering.  New roses that do not receive adequate water will delay breaking dormancy, suffer dieback, or simply wilt and die.

Water newly planted roses with 10 litres each, 2-3 times a week.

Click here for more details on watering roses.


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