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The soul of the rose is her fragrance!

The PARFUMA collection from Kordes showcases roses with extraordinary fragrance and exceptional health.

Resulting from a change during Kordes breeding program over 20 years ago, where they moved away from pesticide and fungicide usage. Only the strongest most vigorous and floriferous specimens emerge, to then be selected from as release candidates for the rest of us to enjoy in our gardens.

Far too often it is believed that modern roses lack fragrance or that fragrant roses are not healthy. With this collection we can demonstrate this is not the case.

A combination of extraordinary perfume and exceptional health, Parfuma roses create a sensual experience for the eyes and nose.

Below are the varieties from the Parfuma series that have released on to the Australian market so far...


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Madame Anisette NEW

Madame Anisette

(Korberonem) - Part of the new Parfuma collection by Kordes.  As its name suggests the fragrance..


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2018 Collection No. 1 - Fragrance! Out Of Stock

2018 Collection No. 1 - Fragrance!

Five PARFUMA varieties to delight your senses.The PARFUMA collection from Kordes showcases rose..


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Dark Desire

(Kordiagraf) - Part of the new Parfuma collection by Kordes.  This beautiful, sensuous rose is e..


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Earth Angel

(Korgeowim) - Exceptionally fragrant old world shaped flowers opening from dark pink buds. The colou..


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First Crush -20%

First Crush

(Kormaccap) - This variety will stand apart with its exceptional fruity fragrance and healthy foliag..

$20.95 $16.75

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Summer Romance -30%

Summer Romance

(Kortekcho) - Magnificent mid pink, fully double and quartered blooms adorn an upright floribunda to..

$20.95 $14.65

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