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Charlie Carp 1 Litre

Order Soon Charlie Carp 1 Litre

Charlie Carp is an all purpose liquid fertilizer and tonic perfect for both plant and soil.
Made from whole European Carp,  it is naturally high protein which acts like a natural growth hormone causing faster, better and stronger growth.

  • Can be applied as a foliar feed or via watering can.
  • Contains all the vital trace elements and nutrients required for a beautiful healthy garden.
  •  Stimulats growth and restores essential minerals back to the soil.
  • Builds up the plants immune system allowing it to deterre garden pests and diseases.

Charlie Carp is the only fertilizer on the market today that can boast about its enormous benefits to the garden as well as to the environment.

For best results in your rose garden, use Charlie Carp as a foliar feed.
Mix with water and spray onto the foliage of the plant. This will give your roses a beautiful green, glossy appearance.

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