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Candy Eyes NEW
(Chewcoeye) - A lovely warm blend of pink with the dark distinctive eye. This shrub grows to around ..
Fire Opal NEW -20%
(Korumneza) - This stunning novelty rose will delight you with is charming array of semi double bloo..
$20.95 $16.75
Future - Climbing NEW -20%
(Korjoslio) - A long awaited addition to Kordes climbing range and the Climbing Max collection. This..
$20.95 $16.75
Garden Of Roses NEW -20%
(Korfloci01) - Europe’s Rose of the Year in 2011. Full blooms in a mix of soft apricot and pink with..
$20.95 $16.75
Madame Anisette NEW
(Korberonem) - Part of the new Parfuma collection by Kordes.  As its name suggests the fragrance..
Thomas A Becket NEW -20%
(Auswinston) - Large, light red, shallow cupped blooms open as informal rosettes which pale to carmi..
$21.25 $17.00
Altissimo - Climbing (C) -20%
An outstanding showy climber with large single bright red blooms. Growth to 4 metres. Repeat floweri..
$15.95 $12.75