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Unpacking Your Bare Root Roses

Caring For Your Roses After Delivery: Bare Root Roses

Congradulations on your purchase of bare root roses from Treloar Roses.

Your plants are likely to have been in their packaging for a number of days prior to arriving with you. Although this is perfectly fine, they really do prefer a refreshment on arrival so it is best that you attend to your new roses on the day they are delivered. We recommend following these simple steps.




  • Larger orders will arrive in a horizontal box with the roots wrapped in wet newspaper. If your roses arrive without peat moss, just skip step five.


  • When separating the bundles be careful that you are only cut the outer string holding all the roses together. If you have multiples of one variety, the plants from this variety will be bundled together but may only have one tag. Therefore, some roses in the bundle will not be tagged. We recommend keeping the bundled variety together until it is time to plant. 


  • Leave the plants in the bucket of water for 24 to 48 hours. Only remove them when planting.  They can stay there till the weekend without concern if placed in a cool dark spot. But keep an eye on the water level to make sure the roots are covered; you do not want the roots to become dry at any stage.



If you have any concerns with the quality of the plants or contents of the delivery, take a photo of your concern and contact our office within 24 hours of delivery or the next working day. While you are waiting for a response from us keep the roses soaking in the water.

Please note that not all roses have green stems. Some have red, purple, and even brown stems. Also, the size and number of stems on arrival does not determine the quality of the rose.



We recommend watching our planting demonstration, click here.