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Heat Scorching

Heat Scorching and Chemical burn look very similar.

Leaves have brown crispy patches and may have some yellowing around the edge as the leaf tissue dies. Flowers may have burnt petal edges, look shriveled and may not open. In cases where the leaves do not shade the stems you may see dark patches on the sunny side of the branches (sunburn).

Heat Scorching is a watering issue - the plant has not had enough water to defend against an extreme weather event or is simply not being watered enough.
Please read our guide to watering your roses.  


Affected flowers can be cut away. Leaves can be taken off but be aware that even brown and crispy they can give the plant much needed shade so please do not defoliate the plant.
Wait for some new leaves to be produced before taking the old leaves off the plant.

Sunburnt stems will not normally affect the plant but can look unsightly. Wait for new watershoots to grow before removal.

Prevention is better than cure

Ensure you follow the watering guide as this will prevent the majority of damage occuring.

Chemical burn is when a spray is too concentrate. Check the ratio on the back of the pack to make sure you have the concentration correct before spraying the roses.