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Hybrid Tea Bush Roses

Hybrid Tea Bush Roses

Hybrid Tea roses have been the most recognisable class of rose for over a hundred years. They bare classic full flowers either singly or several to a stem. Many have a good fragrance and are excellent for cut flowers. Height ranges from 1m to 2m but averages 1.5m tall.

Plant approximately 1m apart.

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Earth Goddess (Potted Rose)

(Bargaia) - A sport of the ever popular Augusta Luise. Large, fragrant full blooms with a divine fra..


Lady Endo (Potted Rose) -20%

Lady Endo (Potted Rose)

(Hains) - A fragrance that is simply divine. This deep magenta coloured Hybrid Tea rose has fully pe..

$32.50 $26.00

Unconventional Lady (Potted Rose) -20%

Unconventional Lady (Potted Rose)

(Korsamasi) - A lovely deep pink hybrid tea rose with a delightful fragrance. Glowing cherry red bud..

$32.50 $26.00


Abracadabra (KORhocsel) - An extraordinary and exciting striped colouring of red and yellow, whereby..


Admiral Rodney

(Trew) - A lovely bloom of exhibition form in colouring of light pink to darker mauve shadings. Bloo..


Adolf Horstmann

Lovely in size and colour. Buds open to a beautiful big flower, much like a Peony. Buds are golden y..


Alec's Red

A very large bloom of clear crimson with magnificent fragrance. The health and vigour of Alec's Red ..



A very heavily petalled rose in the style of Old English Roses. A suffusion of apricot, cream and li..



(Macgenev) - Light salmon pink flowers of perfect exhibition form with a delightful fragrance. Plant..


Apricot Passion

(Jacinap) - A rich deep apricot, fading to a softer more subtle shade. The large blooms hold their s..



(Tanmarsa) - This strong growing Hybrid Tea of bright old gold colouring flowers freely throughout t..



Athene (Korcripoco) - Porcelain like petals unfold to create a high centred bud, opening to an encha..


Atomic Blonde

(Wekplagneze) - This beautiful white rose has shapely high pointed buds on long stems making it a gr..


Augusta Luise

(Tangust) - Large fragrant blooms with nostalgic olde world form, borne singly and in clusters of 3-..


Australian Centenary Of Federation

(Kordes) (syn. Rebell) - Silver Medal and Best Hybrid Tea Award winner at National Trial Garden in 2..



(Morey) - Large crimson blooms of excellent form on long stems have a wonderful fragrance. Vigorous ..


Barbra Streisand

(WEKquaneze) - Large flowers of an attractive clear lavender colour are shown off strikingly against..


Baronne E. De Rothschild

A large formed, high pointed rose of light red with silver reverse. Very hardy, easily grown plant o..


Best Friend

(Meisonver) - A stylish, classic rose of great beauty and richness. Vibrant blooms of deep, hot plum..


Better Homes and Gardens

(meiceppus) - Beautiful large, light pastel apricot blooms are produced constantly throughout the se..