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Picking And Caring For Cut Flowers

Many rose varieties can be cut and brought inside to enjoy the fragrance and the lovely colours.  They do not need to have the long stems or perfect form to bring freshness into your home.
  Rose blooms can be floated in glass bowls of water, single stems into bud vases, or whole arrangements into large waterproof pots.

Picking flowers:

Cut the flowers in the bud stage just when the outer petals start to uncurl. Once cut place the stems immediately into water - the sap does not stop flowing directly after the cut and if left too long before going into water, it will start to form an airbubble in the stem base.  No water will pass this bubble and will cause the flower to droop.  The bubble can be cut from the base of the stem by taking off the bottom 2cm.  This is why you are told to recut stems before placing into the vase. 

When picking the flower from the bush, please remember to leave the stem attached to the plant with at least two sets of five leaflets so your plant will grow more healthy stems.

Caring for cut flowers:

Strip the lower leaves from the stem - do not place leaves in the vase water as it causes bacteria growth.  Do not strip leaves using a metal stripper as it damages the stems. Re-cut the stems immediately before placing the flowers into vase.

Change the water every two days. Fresh water means fresh flowers.

Use a flower food to extend the vase life of your roses but be aware that this will encourage bacteria growth so clean your vase with the change of water.

Recut the stems each time you take them out of the water.

Clean your vases thoroughly after each use to avoid any bacterial contamination.


What to do with drooping buds:

To refresh a drooping rose buds that have only partly opened - try this:

Cut 3cm off the bottom of the stem, place the bottom 5cm in boiling water for 5 seconds. Place back in vase of water immediately and leave.  The flower should be back upright by the next morning.