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Potassium Deficiency

Shortages of potassium in the soil will produce young leaves that have reddish brown splotches with brittle edges.

Potassium is one of the major essential to all plants.  It is required in larger amounts by vegetable crops, flower crops and fruit bearing trees. Potassium improves the colour and quality of flowers and fruits.  It also increases the plants resistance to pests and diseases.


Apply Potash.

Alternatively you can buy a pack of Trace Elements from your local garden supply shop. It is chrystals that you can mix into water and pour onto the ground around the affected plant. This is to be used once only in most gardens but may need repeating in well used soils.

Any treatment will take a couple of weeks for you to see signs of improvement in the new growth.

Important: signs and symptoms will vary significantly between varieties, even within similar categories. The information provided here is a basic summery of the most common affects and will not always be applicable to all rose varieties.