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The Iconic Treloar Roses Catalogue Has Ceased Production

19th January 2021
We wish to announce that the iconic Treloar Roses' Catalogue has ceased production.

After 55 editions since 1966, this is not a decision we have not taken lightly. The arrival of the colour catalogue in the mail has been a highlight of the rose year to most gardeners.

For some time, we have been conscious of the large environmental footprint caused by the printing our 108-page catalogue. Not only in creating and printing but also the transportation of the final product.  In an age of technology, we find this is not a justified use of resources.

Customer shopping habits have changed over the past decade and we must, as a company, change and improve with them. During the 2020 season we experienced a large increase in customer volume with the majority of orders being completed online.

Closing the book on this chapter allows us to focus on enhancing our customer’s experience. Our website has the flexibility to give more information, not only with general rose growing but also for each variety.  It also allows us to update the availability of each variety in real time and to give a confirmation at the time of ordering. An advantage not available to the printed order form.

Our move to online listing only, does not mean we are unavailable.  The friendly experienced staff are still only a phone call or email away to consult about anything rosy.  Or to take an order if you are uncomfortable ordering online.

The website is constantly developing to give more information and we encourage everyone, expert or new, to explore the website to enhance their rose growing experience. 

Our beautiful 2021 New Release roses have been added to the website and we are now taking orders online and over the phone.

As we are already experiencing an extremely high demand for roses this year, we encourage you to place your order now to avoid disappointment.

So, jump online and explore the love of roses.