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Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs

The most comprehensive illustrated book on pests and diseases as well as beneficial instects for the..

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Growing Roses

Your rose growing guide for all climates. This book is an easy to read guide to growing roses for..


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RHS Complete Gardener's Manual NEW

RHS Complete Gardener's Manual

The one-stop guide to plan, sow, plant and grow your own garden.  The Royal Horticultural Society's ..

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Roses and Rose Gardens NEW

Roses and Rose Gardens

This book explores the rose's rich history and reveals its incredible variety, from riotous ramblers..

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Species Roses Out Of Stock

Species Roses

A wonderful collection peice for lovers of heritage roses. A book of Peter Cox's beautiful depiction..

$29.95 $20.00

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The Bee Friendly Garden

Easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow! A fantastic grower's handbook for attacting..

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Get Dirty with Milton 'Pruning Special' DVD

Turn your self into a MASTER PRUNER with this comprehensive pruning DVD! A fantastic 'Pruning Spe..

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The English Roses - David Austin Order Soon

The English Roses - David Austin

A Great gift idea for the lovers of English style roses!! A revised and greatly improved edition of..

$49.50 $38.00

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