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Two Spotted Mites

Two spotted mites (also known as red spider mites) thrive in hot, dry conditions of Summer. These sap sucking mites are 0.5mm in size and are very hard to see with the naked eye. Two spotted mites can be detected using a magnified glass to view the undersides of the leaves which will show a messy, dirty look with tiny red spiders.

Signs that your roses are housing mites is the bronze discolouration of foliage and webbing. A web can cover the leaves in a bad infestation (see images).


Mites hate water.  A strong spay from the hose covering the plant top and underside will move them on in a minor problem.

Spraying a miticide or using Predatory Mites are the two of the things that will eradicate large problems. Eco-neem or Eco-oil are two organic based sprays that we highly recommend as an alternative to the harsh chemical based sprays.

Most sprays will not affect the eggs, therefore, a follow up spray will be necessary a few days later. Ensure you spray the undersides of the leaves.

Always be careful when using chemical sprays as they are as poisonous to you as to the target problem.  You just have more cells so the affect takes longer.  Gloves and mask is the minimum and wash well after spraying.