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State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams

State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams
The State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams (SWIFFT) is a network for knowledge sharing and information exchange that supports conservation and management of threatened species, biodiversity and the natural environment across Victoria.

In 2018 a Southern Right Whale become entagled in a cray pot and buoys, in the waters surrounding Portland, Victoria. This whale become known as Tangles. To read the incredible and heart-warming rescue story of Tangles  click here. 

Treloar Roses has dedicated a rose to the Southern Right Whales and the growing number of volunteer photographers who spend time recording sightings of these majestic mammals. Without them the work of DELWP and other conservationists to monitor the recovery of this species would be almost impossible.

Treloar Roses proudly donates $2.00 from the sale of each Tangles to support the cataloguing and analyses of the large volume of incoming photographs which are used in this critical research.

To learn more about State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams, please click here.
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(Kortangwal) - A charming disease free, low growing bush to 70-90cm high and 50-70 cm wide. Covered ..


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Tangles - 90cm Standard

(Kortangwal) - A charming disease free, small growing bush. Covered in large clusters of lilac bloom..


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