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Hedge Charmers® Collection

Hedge Charmers®  Collection
The Magic of Versatility
As a flowering hedge to deter prying eyes, in groups or simply on their own. Wave a magic wand on your garden and conjure a delightful rose profusion with the HedgeCharmers® collection. These repeat bloomers, which grow in clusters with overhanging buds or straight upright, are low maintenance, possess very elegant or well-filled flowers and reach a height of 120 - 200 cm.
Discover the charm!

Resulting from a change during Kordes breeding program over 20 years ago, where they moved away from pesticide and fungicide usage. Only the strongest most vigorous and floriferous specimens emerge, to then be selected from as release candidates for the rest of us to enjoy in our gardens.

Kordes climbing varieties can go through a testing period of 10 to 12 years before being introduced into the market, with Treloar Roses trialling each one further still under Australian conditions.

Below are the varieties from the Hedge Charmers® Collection that have released on to the Australian market so far...
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Cayenne NEW


(KOROUTOFKO) - A fiery floribunda well suited to mass planting or hedges.  It is a compact, upright ..


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Angela Sold Out 2022


(Korday) - Medium sized, semi-double flowers of rose pink are produced in large clusters. Very free ..


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Silver Ghost Sold Out 2022

Silver Ghost

(Kormifari) - Must be seen to be believed. A fantastic landscaping rose that has to be seen to fully..


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Triple Treat Sold Out 2022

Triple Treat

(Korcoptru) A robust and charming shrub rose enhanced by an array of three colours. Pointed buds ope..


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