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Attracting The Bee's

Attracting The Bee's

Help Save The Bees

Our most helpful workers are in dire need of assistance. Bees worldwide are dying at an alarming rate, due to chemical use, weakening health and urban sprawl.

Why should we be alarmed?

It is estimated that 90 percent of our agricultural crops depend on Bees to produce a good harvest. That is - every fruit, grain, and vegetable you consume, even the oil you use, rely on Bees! The meat you eat is also fed by fodder that requires on pollination. This is not to mention how important the Bees are to nature. Most plants need Bees to reproduce. If it has a seed, then it has been kissed by a Bee.

How can you help?

Create a Bee friendly garden. We all know Bees drink nectar, however they also need the pollen which is their source of protein, and contains nutrients essential for Bees to stay healthy. Lucky for us, roses produce a lot of pollen! You’ll find a Bee friendly variety in every category of roses!
TIP #1 -
Choose varieties with single or semi double blooms to give Bees easy access. If you see the stamens, so can the Bees. Too many petals can hinder the Bees chance of getting to the pollen.

TIP #2 - Choose ‘healthy’ rose varieties. This reduces the amount of chemical sprays needed to combat disease. Look for roses with a high Treloar's Health Rating.

TIP #3 - Use Eco Friendly garden products. Most pesticides have no filter - they kill all the bugs, good and bad. Try some home remedies too, such as a few drops of dish detergent in warm water sprayed directly on the pest.

REMEMBER - no matter what your taste in roses......plant one for the Bees! After all, where would we Bee without them?

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