Kordes' Roses

Kordes' Roses
Over 20 years ago KORDES stopped the use of fungicides on their trial grounds, where new breedings were evaluated years before their introduction on the market. This meant it was possible to select the truly healthy varieties amongst those thousands of seedlings on trial. This new breeding philosophy has been noticeable to all rose lovers in the change of the rose assortments. The KORDES company alone has withdrawn more than 100 older varieties from their assortment which, to their opinion, are not competitive any longer. This has made way for new, better and healthier varieties.

To set these precious new generation breedings apart from the classical assortments, they are now marketed in new series', with KORDES very successfully creating the Rigo-Roses, Fairy Tale Roses, Climbing Max, Lilliputs and Eleganza series', and the most recent addition... the Parfuma-collection. In these series you will find the very best roses created and selected by the breeding department of KORDES.

Climbing Max - a collection of the most beautiful and healthiest climbing varieties.

Eleganza - a surperb collection of the most disease resistant hybrid tea varieties.

Fairy Tale Roses - enchanting fairy tale varieties with charisma and charm, displaying fully double blooms.

Lilliputs - a stunning selection of miniature roses that both healthy and floriferous.

Parfuma - this collection showcases varieties with extraordinary fragrance and exceptional health.

Rigo Rosen - a selection of the most robust, disease resistant and floriferous varieties.

Treloar Roses, as the primary Australian agent for W Kordes' Sonne, has released many varieties from these series already into the Australian market. To browse the currently available roses in each series start by clicking on any of the following...