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Kordes® Full Range of Roses

Kordes® Full Range of Roses
Kordes'® roses have been delighting rose lovers for over a century, breeding many of the worlds most popular varieties. Including the world's most popular rose, 'Iceberg'.
The list continues to grow, with some the healthiest, easy to grow roses ever created now being released for us all to love.

As the Australian agency for  W. Kordes' Söhne, we are proud to list all the Kordes® roses we supply ( old and new ) in one complete list below for your convenience...
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Amber Sun (Potted Rose)

(Korsoalgu) - This healthy ground cover produces semi-double coppery yellow blooms that fade to crea..


Black Forest Rose (Potted Rose) -20%

Black Forest Rose (Potted Rose)

(Korschwill) - A reliable landscaping rose with a profuse amount of blooms in an unfading, shining r..

$32.50 $26.00

Black Forest Rose - 60cm Patio Standard

(Korschwill) - A reliable landscaping rose with a profuse amount of blooms in an unfading, shining r..


Bordeaux (Potted Rose) -20%

Bordeaux (Potted Rose)

(Korelamba) - Great for mass planting or for a splash of colour. This wine red floribunda has abunda..

$32.50 $26.00

Coco (Potted Rose) -20%

Coco (Potted Rose)

(Korcoeinf) - A mass of salmon coloured blooms cover this mini floribunda. The colour merges from sa..

$32.50 $26.00

Coconut Ice (Potted Rose) -20%

Coconut Ice (Potted Rose)

(Korallister) - One of the best potted roses available.  A gorgeous bi-colour of beautiful musk pink..

$32.50 $26.00

Dwarf Fairy (Potted Rose) -20%

Dwarf Fairy (Potted Rose)

(Korzweenu) - Decorated with many international awards as well as a silver medal at our National Ros..

$32.50 $26.00

Fruity Parfuma (Potted Rose) -20%

Fruity Parfuma (Potted Rose)

(Korgehaque) - Part of the new Parfuma® Collection by Kordes.   Known as the Fruity Parfuma this..

$32.50 $26.00

Garden Friend (Potted Rose) -20%

Garden Friend (Potted Rose)

(Korhopiko) - Truly a gardener's friend. An abundance of eye-catching blooms in a stable colour of i..

$32.50 $26.00

Garden Of Roses (Potted Rose) -20%

Garden Of Roses (Potted Rose)

(Korfloci01) - Europe’s Rose of the Year in 2011. Full blooms in a mix of soft apricot and pink with..

$32.50 $26.00

Gardener's Pleasure (Potted Rose)

(Korstegli) - Winner of the prestigious Gerald Maylen Award for the Best Ground Cover at the Nationa..


Gift Of Friendship (Potted Rose) -20%

Gift Of Friendship (Potted Rose)

(Korkosieb) - Fully double flowers in a fresh fruity cherry red are produced continuously on a backg..

$32.50 $26.00

Ice Princess (Potted Rose) -20%

Ice Princess (Potted Rose)

(Korettiflus) - A lovely new ‘Bee friendly’ rose with large open cupped blooms in off white with sun..

$32.50 $26.00

Kosmos (Potted Rose) -20%

Kosmos (Potted Rose)

(KORpriggos) - Part of the Kordes Fairytale Roses® Collection and decorated with gold and silver..

$32.50 $26.00

Lion's Rose (Potted Rose) -20%

Lion's Rose (Potted Rose)

(KORvandaber) - We cannot over emphasise the quality, health and flowering ability of this beautiful..

$32.50 $26.00

Orangerie (Potted Rose)

(Korgeriora) - A truly spectacular plant for your garden in an intense stable colour, even in full s..


Peach Profusion (Potted Rose)

(KORpeapro) Just as the name says, a profusion of pointed creamy apricot buds open to semi-double bl..


Purple Rain (Potted Rose) -20%

Purple Rain (Potted Rose)

(Korpurlig) - This beautiful ground cover, once established, will provide a mass of colour all seaso..

$32.50 $26.00

Summer Romance (Potted Rose) -20%

Summer Romance (Potted Rose)

(Kortekcho) - Magnificent mid pink, fully double and quartered blooms adorn an upright floribunda to..

$32.50 $26.00

Tallulah (Potted Rose)

(Korwimcres) - A new addition to the Fairytale Roses® Collection by Kordes. Lovely soft  to mid p..