Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout Problems

Question:  I fill my Shopping Cart but it won't let me Check Out?

This is generally caused by the Security Settings of your web browser.
The Checkout needs "Cookies" ENABLED - normally found in your browser's Internet Options > Privacy Settings.


Bare Rooted Roses

Question:  What is a bare rooted rose?

The term 'bare rooted' means they are shipped without soil. All roses grown by Treloar's are bud grafted.  They are supplied as bare root plants when dormant during the winter months only.  After the roses are dug from the field the roots are washed free of soil prior to packing and transport.  Bare-root roses travel extremely well and should remain fresh in transit for up to two weeks.  However it is very important that the roots do not dry out once the carton is opened.  Therefore we highly recommend soaking them in water for 24 hours prior to planting.

Question:  Do I have to plant my bare rooted plants straight away?

The preferrable option is to plant them the day after you receive them. If this isn't an option, you can do what we call 'heeling-in". Select an open space in the garden, dig one large hole and ( after removing any plastic wrap from around your plants ) plant all your bundled roses in it and firm down the soil. Water in well. They will keep for several weeks if kept watered.


Click here for more information on planting bare rooted roses.


Question:  When should I prune my rose plants?

The best time to prune your roses is late winter or early spring. Regions with the danger of frost need to make sure they prune after any chance of frost to ensure your new shoots don't get frostbitten.

Question:  How should I prune my rose plant?

There are different ways to prune your rose, depending on the type of plant you have. A great source for specific information on pruning is a DVD called "Get Dirty with Milton" by Milton Vadoulis with Special Guest Kelvin Trimper - the current president of the World Federatio of Rose Societies and South Australian resident. A very informative resource with fantastic demonstrations on pruning each style of rose plant. RRP $19.95. This can be purchased through our 'Other Product' page online.

Click here for more information on pruning roses.


Ordering & Delivery

Question:  Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. There is currently no minimum order quantity or value when ordering from us.

Question:  Can I add to my existing order without incurring further freight charges?

Yes. If your current order hasn't been completed yet.
The easiest method is to register an account here. Registered users on this website have the option to "Add to my current bare-root order" as a shipping option during checkout.
Other users who wish to combine orders should leave a comment in the comment section during checkout. For the time being we will refund any over-charge in freight once your additional order is processed internally by our staff. Although we usually catch these add-on orders, please also add a note to your order during checkout specifying that this is to be added to an existing order. We will refund the difference in freight if your total order amounts qualify for a different freight charge to your orginal order.

Please note that some items may require a higher freight cost and we would need to recover the extra charge, if needed.


Question: When will I receive my rose order?

For orders containing roses you can select from a list of Winter delivery periods during the checkout process. While most orders will be despatched during a customers chosen period, some orders may be unable to be fulfilled completely until certain varieties in your order have been retrieved from our production fields. The availability of our full list of rose varieties for the season is dependent on weather and other production factors and occasionally may result in your order being completed later than your chosen delivery period. If you have concerns about the progress of your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Question:  What is the 'status' of my order mean when I log into my account and why does it still say 'Processing'?

Currently the 'status' message for your order is not updated automatically and may be marked as 'Processing' for the entire season. In the future we intend to have this automatically updated as your order progresses through the system. You will receive updates via email in the mean time at key stages of our order collating and dispatching process.

Question:  What email updates will I receive about my order?

First off, along with your chosen payment processor's transaction email, when you order you will receive 2 order confirmations from us. The first confirmation is automatically sent when you complete the transaction in the online store. The second order confirmation is sent once the order has been verified and entered into our internal offline system and is usually sent within a couple of business days of the order being placed online.

Once winter approaches there will be multiple emails sent as your order is triggered for dispatch and progresses through the order completion and dispatching process. You will receive a notification when your order is pending dispatch along with a copy of your invoice within 5 days prior to it being dispatched. Another email is usually sent as notification of dispatch once your plants are packed and waiting for the courier or Australia Post to pick-up your package. Depending on freight method you may also receive a tracking number.

Other emails may be sent notifying you of the progress of your order if there are unusual delays or if you have added to your order.

Question: What Free Roses will I receive? Can I chose?

Free Roses are selected by us only from our range of bush roses. Varieties are chosen based on what's available the day your order is collated and prepared for dispatch. This is a chance to try a rose you may not have normally picked.  The majority of our customers are extremely happy with the roses that are chosen to go with their order. No guarantee is given and free roses are not covered by our warranty.