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Lion's Rose (Potted)
Modern Shrub

Lion's Rose (Potted)

(KORvandaber) - We cannot over emphasise the quality, health and flowering ability of this beautiful shrub from Kordes. The fully double creamy white blooms open with a breath of apricot and are produced in clusters of 3-5. There is a slight, pleasing fragrance and the glossy foliage is highly resistant to blackspot and mildew. Decorated with Gold and Silver medals in international rose competitions, this elegant variety will bring real pleasure to every garden. 1.2m tall.

From 2013 and beyond, Treloar Roses will donate $1.00 from the sale of each rose to the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. Their mission is to prevent kids with cancer dying by raising funds nationally and donating these funds to the best scientific and clinical childhood cancer research conducted right across Australia. For further information visit:- Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation 

Features & Growth Habit
Rose Type Modern Shrub

Potted Rose

Please note potted roses are delivered in Summer ONLY - November to March.

  • Breeder: Kordes
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