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Parfuma® Collection

Parfuma® Collection

Fragrance is the soul of the rose.

The Parfuma® Collection from Kordes showcases roses with extraordinary fragrance and exceptional health.

Much too often people tell us “fragrance has been eliminated in modern roses…” or “Fragrant Roses are always diseased…” It is by far time to object to this prejudice – modern roses are not always without fragrance and perfume and health do not exclude each other. We are ready to show proof with the new rose collection Parfuma®.

Resulting from a change during Kordes breeding program over 20 years ago, where they moved away from pesticide and fungicide usage. Only the strongest most vigorous and floriferous specimens emerge, to then be selected from as release candidates for the rest of us to enjoy in our gardens.

Below are the varieties from the Parfuma® Collection series t
hat have released on to the Australian market so far...

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